Fire Planning Service

Fire Planning Requirements

UK Fire & Security offer a unique ‘pre-project design and planning’ service where their qualified consultants will assess plans and designs to ensure that they not only comply with all the relevant legislation but that it has been done in the most cost effective way.

Of course you could rely on the local authority fire officer or building control officer to tell you this when your plans go for Building Regulations submission. But the simple truth is, they will not tell you about ‘over provision’ and in most cases fire officers comments will merely state ‘please note the premises is subject to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and a suitable fire risk assessment will be required’.

Fire Planning Service

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What you need to consider

If you are responsible for programming a new installation of a fire alarm or emergency lighting system in your premises you will be investing a large sum of money. We frequently see that the responsibility for the design is left to the installer. Clearly, there could be a conflict of interest here and our existing clients have seen the cost savings of having us design the system for their installer.

The other issue we frequently come across is that installers will provide the client with a system which is rigidly in line with the British Standard. This is not how it should be used. The British Standards are “guidance” documents but many people are frightened to vary from them because they do not have the background fire safety knowledge to allow them to. This will result in an over provision of equipment.

UKFS are professional fire consultants so we know when and where it is safe to move away from the British Standard. Employing UKFS to review installation plans will guarantee you get the installation that is appropriate to your premises and the way they are being used.